Water in bali. Drinking water quality test. Bali 2020

Bali water test. The quality of drinking water in Bali 2020.
In this video we conducted an express test of the drinking water quality. We made this test for ourselves as we are tea lovers and very often the tea doesn’t have a taste if it is cooked in a ‘not appropriate’ water. We are not going to say what water is good or bad in Bali BUT we want to share what water is the most appropriate for the tea cooking!
We’ve tested 6 brands of bottled water which we bought in several Bali supermarkets.
Our heroes:
1. Cleo — ?
2. Fonta Aqua — ?
3. Ades — ?
4. Le Minerale — ?
5. Pure Life — ?
6. Aqua — ?
check out the result in this video)))
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